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Yangtze Gold 3

Yangtze Gold 3 Overview

Yangtze Gold 3 Cruise starts the first voyage on June 2012, it will be the largest cruise ship on the Yangtze River which carries up to 570 passengers, with a tonnage of 15,000 tons, 149.95m in length, 24m in width, 216 cabins in total.

Every cabin comes with its own private balcony, everyone will get a great view of the majestic Yangtze river.

There is always something indication the coming of great era. The appearance of the Yangtze Gold 2 changed the world’s inland river industry forever. Not all tour ships can be "cruise ships", a one-word difference can result in a big quality difference. The Yangtze Gold cruises had been extraordinary from their initial conception to today’s advent. The cruise ship was made by adopting the world’s leading shipbuilding concepts and technology, and it was designed to conform to the standards of ocean cruises in terms of luxury, comfort and safety. All this is for you, our honorable guest.