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Chongqing to Shanghai downstream cruise is the longest line along China Yangtze River. It is the most relaxing Yangtze River cruise itinerary, and you can have enough time to enjoy the picturesque landscapes and historical and cultural relics. The whole Yangtze cruise tour will make you experience the real China in the region.

Day 1 - Embark Victoria Sophia, Fengdu Excursion. (L, D)

Board the Victoria Sophia to begin your 7 days & 6 nights odyssey down the legendary Yangtze River.

This afternoon's excursion explores the famous Ghost City of Fengdu. Numerous temples, some dating to the 14th century, feature fantastic carvings and depictions of spirits and beings from the Underworld of Chinese mythologies. For this shore excursion, you'll climb the many stairs to the Temple of the Emperor of Hell. This area is filled with temples and garish statues of demons and devils.

Victoria Sophia
Day 2 - Lesser Three Gorges Excursion. (B, L, D)

Cruise through the most dramatic scenery along the Yangtze River. First is Qutang Gorge, the narrowest and most spectacular of the Three Gorges. Later, small motorized boats take you up the Daning River through the picturesque Lesser Gorges, spectacular canyons dotted with the sites of ancient hanging coffins. Later, the ship cruises Wu Gorge, passing by the famous Goddess Peak. During dinner the ship is scheduled to enter the ship locks of the Three Gorges Dam.

Lesser Three Gorges
Day 3 - Three Gorges Dam Excursion. (B, L, D)

This morning's excursion visits the Three Gorges Dam Site to learn about this extraordinary engineering feat and its impact on China and the 1.5 million people displaced by the project. Visiting the project site gives you the chance to see the dam from different perspectives. The outdoor platform is set high enough to get good overall views of this enormous project, and an indoor area contains a scale model of the entire dam site.

Cruising continues through the afternoon, with a variety of educational lectures and entertainment on board.

Three Gorges Dam
Day 4 - Wuhan Excursion. (B, L, D)

Visit the Hubei Provincial Museum, known for an outstanding collection of ancient artifacts excavated from a 2,400-year-old tomb. On display are musical instruments, lacquer ware, bronze vessels, and gold and jade decorative objects. Upon returning to ship, set sail for Mt. Huangshan.

Hubei Provincial Museum
Day 5 - Full-day shore excursion to Mt. Huangshan. (B, L, D)

A full day excursion to Mt. Huangshan, the most famous and perhaps most beautiful of China's legendary mountain peaks. A 10-minute cable car ride ascends 3,800 feet to the summit. Enjoy breathtaking vistas of ancient pine forests, unusual stone formations and craggy mountain peaks. Return to ship for dinner and overnight cruising to Nanjing. (Jiuhuanshan, "Mountain of Nine Lotuses", may be substituted if weather and road conditions do not permit travel to Huangshan).

Mt. Huangshan
Day 6 - Full-day shore excursion to Nanjing including Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum and Confucius Temple. (B, L, D)

Nanjing is an ancient city that traces its origins to 472 B.C. Today, it's a vibrant and growing metropolis, the capital of Jiangsu Province. A full day tour includes the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum and the Confucius Temple, a holy shrine to this ancient philosopher. En route to the temple, explore the bustling bazaar of stores and cafes housed in traditional Qing Dynasty shop-houses.

Confucius Temple
Day 7 - 8:00 AM Arrive Shanghai (B)

Disembark from the Victoria Prince.


Itineraries and times are subject to change according to river conditions.